Why Choose Us?

Fast Quote Response  We help sellers get rid of over 2000 junk cars each year, customers accepting a price for their unwanted car, truck, or van have their vehicle picked up within 24 hours.  Most have same day pickup available.

Easy Communication  Customers can receive a quote via phone operators, email or text message.  There are multiple ways of contacting us.

We Do All the Paperwork  We handle all the paperwork, the only thing you may need to do is return your plates to your state motor vehicle office.   Our buyers are well vetted and experience providing you a receipt to account for your vehicle.

Easy, Safe and Fast  Why deal with strangers calling at all ours of the day or “Gypsy’s” trying to buy your vehicle and flipping it in your name to a 3rd party buyer as if you were selling the car to that stranger.   We purchase your junk car quickly with no possibility of fraud.

Free Vehicle Pick Up There’s no worry on how to get your vehicle to our locations!  We arrange for free towing which means no added expenses to you.  The price quoted includes FREE TOWING.  In some cases we may be able to get you more for a direct drop off.

Cash For Junk Cars, Trucks and Vans  Sell your car, truck or van fast! Our nationwide network as vetted buyers in all 50 states.  Even if we can’t buy your vehicle directly, we have someone who can help.  Customer support will guide and direct you on the best possible price for your junk vehicle!

Cash For All Vehicles   We buy all types of junk cars, trucks and vans!  Pricing varies depanding on what you have! We’ll buy just about any type of vehicle! Call now!

Free Phone Quotes 1-888-976-0853   Don’t waste one more minute trying to figure out how to get rid of that unwanted older junk vehicle! If you want a true assessment on what your know your junk car is worth then Call now! and we can quote you the highest price for your car, truck, SUV or Van!